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The AWWA Free Water Audit Software

The new version of the AWWA Free Water Audit Software (v6.0 2020) is now available. This software is the industry standard tool for conducting the annual water audit and using the results to guide a program for cost-effective water loss control and revenue recovery. It first came out nearly 15 years ago, and is now used throughout North America and in other countries around the world.

Version 6 represents a major evolution of this tool – incorporating over 1,000 improvements from user-provided comments. Key upgrades include a new Interactive Data Grading feature; a new Performance Indicator Dashboard providing more visibility into how well you are doing and how you can improve; and a streamlined user experience.

Download the AWWA Free Water Audit Software (V6.0)

Watch the AWWA Water Audit Software v6.0 Orientation Video

Stage 1 Virtual Workshop Recording

Missed Stage 1? New to the program? Have new staff you would like to introduce to the program? Our Stage 1 Recording is an excellent resource for those just getting started.

Watch the recording here

Preparing for your Stage 2 Water Audit Validation

Here are some helpful resources to help you prepare for your Stage 2 Water Audit Validation session. This remote session will be approximately 2-hours with your utility water loss team and a member of the FWLP management team.

How to Prepare - Guidance Document

Examples of Supporting Documentation

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