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About the Florida Water Loss Program

The AWWA M36 water audit methodology is recommended best practice in North America to support informed decision making for water loss control and revenue recovery.  Cost-effective water loss management reduces cost, increases revenue, serving the utility's bottom line and the rate-payer alike.  

The Florida Water Loss Program, through the Florida Section of AWWA provides a comprehensive program of training and technical assistance for water systems across the state.  


Utility Participants will be ushered through the program in series of 4 stages  beginning in 2023.

















This website will serve as a hub of all news, scheduling, and resources throughout the duration of the program. After you register, please check back frequently!

In Person Workshops

February 2023 through April 2023

Stage 1 includes a brief webcast and a 1-day in-person work session covering the basics of AWWA M36 water auditing and introduces water audit data validation.

Remote Water Audit Validation Session

April 2023 through November 2023

Stage 2 will be a remote work session in which water auditing experts and each utility’s water audit team examine the utility’s AWWA water audit in a ‘practice' validation session. The reporting year for water audit data in Stage 2 will be Calendar Year 2022.

In Person Workshops

November 2023 through February 2024

Stage 3 presents another round of in-person workshops building on the concepts presented in the previous stages.

Remote Water Audit Validation Session

March 2024 through June 2024

Stage 4 will be another remote work session conducting a Level 1 Validation of your utility’s water audit. The reporting year for water audit data in Stage 4 will be Calendar Year 2023.

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