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Our Team

Our goal in the Florida Water Loss Program is to equip participating water systems with a base knowledge of the AWWA M36 methodology, application of the industry standard AWWA Water Audit Software, and interpreting next steps in their system-specific water loss control program. We have a core program team below and a bench of expert teachers to usher all participants through the program. 

Introducing Office Hours!
Have questions about the program, schedule of events, or a technical question regarding your water audit? Join us Wednesday mornings from 9am - 10am for dedicated office hours.


Office Hours Registration link

Oct 11, 2023 
Oct 18, 2023 
Oct 25, 2023 
Nov 1, 2023 
Nov 8, 2023 
Nov 15, 2023 
Nov 22, 2023 



For registration and scheduling questions, please reach out to Donna Metherall with the Florida Section of AWWA at

For programmatic and technical questions you can reach our full Cavanaugh/ESource group at, or you may contact Drew Blackwell or Jessica Jagdeo directly.

Our core management team shown above is complimented by a deep bench of expert teachers who are recognized by the water loss industry both nationally and in Florida:


  • Tory Wagoner

  • Maher Lugo

  • Steve Cavanaugh

  • Isabel Szendrey

  • Kevin Burgers

  • Larry Lewison

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