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Welcome to the Florida Water Loss Program!


The Florida Water Loss Program (FWLP) is provided to water utilities in the state through the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association. In this program, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Take the appropriate steps toward effective water loss control management

  • Receive free training & technical assistance in the AWWA M36 Water Auditing & Loss Control Programming and the AWWA Free Water Audit Software

  • Work one-on-one with water audit experts to validate your water audit

  • Learn where your loss costs are the greatest, and which should be a priority

  • Learn about data validation & how to daylight data issues

  • Determine next steps for water loss reduction and revenue recovery 

  • Adopt supply-side conservation practices 


This program has been offered at no cost, and eligible to drinking water system staff. 




Register for the
Program today!


Read the October 18, 2022 Program Announcement

Want to learn more? View the 1hr webcast with Q&A held October 26, 2022 here.


The Florida Water Loss Program is made possible through a grant agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. A special thanks to FDEP for bringing this opportunity to water utilities across the state!




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